Friday, September 2, 2011

Hopes, dreams and goals

I recently read a friends blog who posted her  hopes and dreams, and decided that maybe I should do the same.
These are things I would like to do and hope to do. 
1. I want to run a half marathon and eventually do a triathlon. I never thought I would like to run but since I started it I love it. I have started to run and can already swim but the biking is new to me so the triathlon in the future.
2. I  want to get my family more organized and help my girls more with academic stuff. I always want my girls to feel smart and not just know things but also be able to do them. 
3. This one is a more long term goal but I would really like to own my own green house someday. I love planting things and wish I had more time to dedicate to this passion, but children come first, maybe after I organize my families life first.
4. I would like to take oil painting classes, I just thought this would be fun. I have never been good at art but I like to express my self.
5. I really would like to start hiking again it has always been one of my passions to be out in nature. I just need to find a buddy that likes to hike too.
Some of these are short term and long term but its a start. 

Here are some things that are new with my family, Kinley started Kindergarten and absolutley loves it, she has started tumbling again and has beautiful pikes.  Madi starts preschool next Tues and is now speaking in sentences her favorite book is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Clara my baby is turning one in 4 weeks and simly is joy in my life, she is always smiling. 
Thomas was suppose to go to New jersey to perform on a trampoline, but was canceled due to the Hurricane on the East coast, and also he is done with his associates in sports management in Feb. 
 Kin and me on first day of school
 Thomas cliff jumping
 Me and the hubby camping (kin took the pic)
 My three little munchkins 
I have a beautiful family and am so happy to have them in my life. I have also made it a goal to try not to complain but to love my family with all my heart (work in progress). Thank you to all my friends and family who have inspired me and has helped me in any way in this journey through life, your examples to me means more than words can express.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Girls

I have been trying to post something on my blog each week and seemed to fail last week. Here is what is new in the Theobald home.
We recently have become a owner of a mini van and I absolutely love it, I can easily put the children in the car with out having to lift each one of them and they also have space. Kin loved being able to bring my cousin Tarha home with us to play in the van (which we would not have been able too in the Jeep).
We have put the trim up in our basement and now need to paint the room, I was thinking of doing a color scheme of gray walls with white trim red bedding and black lamps.

 Even Blue smiled for the picture
 My sweet little baby Clara
 Kin smiles just like her Daddy
Madi was to interested in something esle
Kinley and Madilyn have been playing so well together and Madi loves listening and learning from her sister, to be honest I think Kin loves playing a teacher. Clara just keeps smiling and anyone that greets her she falls instantly in love with him (she really loved her Grandpa Gardners beard).
Me and Thomas have made it a weekly effort to go on a date every Friday night and I truly think that it has blessed our marriage and friendship.
We are hoping to visit my mom the first weekend in April, we can't wait to go see Sadie and my mom.
Our Chickens are getting huge and we need to finish their chicken coop this week. My plants are doing wonderful and I am planning on planting some peas and spinach in the next week. It is really killing me not be able to get out everyday with all this cold weather. I officially have about 170 plants started in my laundry room.
Thomas was able to get up and snowboard this year this last weekend, while me and the girls went to a bithday party and took care of the gym. I also have started on a work out schedule, I am trying to loose 7lbs and I am doing quite well.  My family is going more and more Organic and eating at home more, we also have found we have more energy with food that has been processed the least. Even Thomas is getting excited for our huge garden this year and also to have chickens. One more nice thing Thomas has been coming home on some nights during the week and taking 2 days a week off in the morning its been great to spend more time with him, he really is my best friend and enjoy being with him.

Monday, March 7, 2011

March came in like a lion...

March for sure came in like a lion and not just in weather since. This week was the week I was suppose to get Kin registered for Kindergarten, I took her in and waited in line for an hour and a half with all three kids only to get to the front and they inform me she was missing two immunizations and that she had to have them to register. As I left the school district office, making  plans to head to the doctors office to get kin current, me the girls reach the Doctors off to find out that since we don't have our new insurance cards yet that we would have to pay the 350 dollars up front for her shots (um yep I couldn't do that). So Kin did not get registered for kindergarten.
So far in March we have had the water pump break (our basement is near flooding), been pulled over for not having car registered, Kin spilled a can of formula into the carpet (our vacuum is completely broken and needs replaced),and couldn't afford to get kin immunizations, not to mention after all this husband came home with a 7,000 dollar motorcycle (I had no clue he was getting). So yes am really hoping that March goes out like a lamb for me. 
On a happier note I did get my hair cut (thanks to my awesome cousin christy)  my plants are growing great, Kinleys ready skills are sky rocketing and Madi is counting to ten. Clara has been just a joy she always makes me smile and now is mimicking sounds, on occasion you will hear her saying hi hi, because we always are saying that to her. Clara also tried bananas and loved them.  Our dog Blue has some new friends. Me and Thomas decided when tax return comes in and after we catch up on some bills we are going to get chickens. We decided we need to start being more self reliant. 
P.S. Thomas was sick this week and kin found a smoothe in a garbage at the sports academy and decided to drink it (her stomach was sick all Sunday morning).
Having fun taking Pictures of  Madi and Clara.
Madi loves being a big sister

My Madness! I think I am running out of room.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where is Spring?

So I was hoping for a early spring, but instead was dumped on with 12 inches of snow, WHAT? WHY? Ok, ok so we need the snow so we don't go into a huge drought this summer, I am just saying it would be nice. 
Here is the up date with me and family. Kinley passed Level 2 in tumbling but is still to young to move her to Level 3, we have started reading a series of books and she now is on the 4th book. I really want to teach my kids piano but one problem, I don't have a piano. Oh we also are looking at a Charter school for Kin, we are not sure we can get in but its something we are looking into. 
Madilyn is still small as ever but is speaking better every day and her vocabulary is expanding like crazy, every week I hold a preschool class with just her and me, where we learn a letter of the week. Madi has also started in the Preschool tumbling class in which she did very well staying with the class. Madi's progress with potty training is about the same I have to constantly remind her, he favorite underwear are her little boy toys story ones she picked out, this morning she put them on and ran around pointing at her bottom saying dinosaur butt(there was Rex the dinosaur from toy story on her undies). 
Thomas is still working hard and just had a tumbling meet and crashed a soon as he got home last night. We did got to a USU Gymnastic meet last Saturday as a family and I have to say was not impressed, tumbling is much more interesting to watch. 

 2 weeks you can see the onions sprouted, tomatoes are nice, and the peppers are just coming through the soil.  you can also see I started some lettuce, I did that so I can eat some in a couple weeks.
I just was listening to the radio and heard that gas prices are going to possible reach 5 dollars a gallon, which would also mean that food prices are going up, this made me thankful that we are going to grow a large garden this year and really hope many people fallow too. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy yet fun!

Monday started very Bland since Jeana skipped out on Formosa Monday, but Tuesday was a blast I went over to my sister in laws for desert Tuesday and we made Creme Bu lee, which I have never made before but was very delicious, after desert we took Kin to her tumbling class, I was quite impressed on how well she is doing with her cartwheels. Wednesday was pay day which of course meant time to get Groceries, so me and the girl crew headed off to Lee's for our shopping spree, Madi and Kinley each got their own little baskets, what a miracle we got a two page shopping list done in hour and the girls didn't break anything with their carts. Thursday was a blur and Friday was our fun day we dropped kin off at preschool and took madi to her Parent tot tumbling class, Madi is doing amazing she is making so many new friends and she is trying really hard with learning her tumbling skills. Later I went to Kins Preschool and watched her sing in her Valentines program, we also played Bingo, made bracelets, and decorated cookies. I loved watching Kinley sing and the best part was you actually could hear her, she also did some wiggly dance moves while singing it was so so cute. On Saturday Thomas's Tumbling team performed at the USU half time show, Me and Clara went while the other two enjoyed some Parents night out time and time with their Nanna. 
On Saturday Thomas also took me to Home Depot and we picked up some seed starting soil and a jiffy seed starting kit. So yesterday I had a total of  16 tomatoes, 12 Bell peppers, 10 jalapeƱo peppers, and 3 trays of onions. 
Onions are quite easy to start and when they start growing long enough were they start to droop you can cut them down to about 3 in. and use the tops to cook with. There are 3 different ways you can start onions, Sets which are a year old onion about the size of a pearl, these often bolt (When an onion bolts they flower, the quality and taste of the onion go down hill, use onion a soon as possible if this happens). The second way  is starting the seeds in flats about 8-10 weeks before last frost in doors, then transplanting them outdoors about 4 weeks before the last frost. The last way is to direct seed in which you will plant directly into the ground when the soil reaches about 50 degrees, Plant about 3-4 in apart.
 Madi after tumbling class
                                                  Day 2 of  onion, peppers and tomatoes
Girls after we just ate cake for Thomas's Birthday
I have done sets and started oinions indoors, I did not like the sets because they  bolted quickly and my onion starts did quite well I think I need to put them in a sunnier location. The plan this year is I'm going to start some indoors then transplant and the other half I will start by direct seeding. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mr. Ground hog did not see his shadow

Autumn Sedum

Japanese Iris's

According to the ground hog, spring should be arriving early and I have proof that it is. I recently went outside and found my Japanese Iris's, tulips and Autumn sedum sprouting right out of the ground. Tulips bring me joy and hope that winter is almost over and now I just need to get though this next month of bitter cold.
I love to relate plants to real life, how many of us go through dark times of trouble and you seem to feel like you can't see the end of things, until something good happens that gives you hope that more brighter times are  a head. Taking pictures of these beautiful plants in 10 degree weather has made me realize we have a lot to learn from  these plants.
Kinley this last week had started throwing some terrible tantrums and calling people names I have no clue how to deal with. Kinley is learning the letter N this week in school and has really been excited that she is going to kindergarten in the fall. Madilyn has had more progress with her speech and also has been wearing underwear during the day and pull ups at night. Thomas's tumbling team did really well at their first meet  with 18 1st places, 10 2nd places, and 8 3rd places. The High Point Cheer team also took 1st place at their competition this last week. 
As for me this last week as been good I made cupcakes with my girls and their cousin in was fun and really nice to get out of the house.  I am learning a lot from a friend I have spent sometime with the last few days she is so patient with her children and I enjoy watching and learning many things from this remarkable person, I am truly blessed to have such an example in my life.
 Tomorrow is my awesome husbands Birthday and I am so grateful for him in my life, he bring so much fun and joy into my day. I never thought I would make a pink cake for Thomas but he wanted a strawberry cake so I have that and pink frosting.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Spring is near

I recently watched a documentary called "food Inc." I really enjoyed watching it and it made me even more excited about growing my own veggies and some fruit. I think if people started growing some of their own veggies would help with a lot of problems in this world. This year I will be doing Organic gardening. I ordered my seeds the other day and now I'm waiting for them to arrive and about 4 more weeks and I can start some seeds inside. 
This week has felt quite long, with all my children the baby blues haven't hit tell about 3 months after the baby was born and well the blue hit this week.  I hope this won't last long and it goes away quick cause I really would like energy and excitement back. The girls have had a fun week, Kin is loving preschool and is excited to go to kindergarten in the fall, Madi has been talking more and more, today Madi was talking about putting her zhu zhu pet in the bucket. Clara is getting so big and really enjoys hearing herself scream and some how it seems she screams louder and louder each time. 
Thomas and I went to Jeff Dunham last week and quite enjoyed it. I really do think I am quite out of shape I went up and down the energy solution center stairs in my boots and my legs were killing me they hurt so bad. Thomas was nice enough to not call me a baby and kindly stopped at a walmart and got me some pain killer.
So far this year has been filled with all sorts of new adventures and lots of prayers that spring will come early.